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I wanted to extend my personal thanks to you and your organization, and most importantly recognize one your outstanding teammates, Ms. Amy Bilberry. She presented me with, and helped me attain, a new career advancement opportunity, which I would have never discovered on my own. I had never worked with a recruiter before; my only point of reference being a former career soldier, was the Army recruiter world, so I was initially a little skeptical – what’s her motivation? Is she a good guy? Amy, as you know already, was simply wonderful.  

I quickly realized she was more than just “a headhunter.” She is a talent managing professional. I was blown away by the personal attention I received and her willingness to coach, teach, and mentor me through the whole process, following up even after it was apparent, I was the choice and lock for the job. Without her I would not be in a more lucrative position and doing something I find stimulating and challenging.  

I have a whole new appreciation for you and your world. If there is anything I can ever do, please do not hesitate to ask.  

Thank you for what you do and best wishes for continued success!